Steel United Washington is focused on teaching kids Teamwork, Respect, Integrity and Commitment through the game of soccer. We do this in a competitive yet fun environment with a focus on creating strong individuals within a team dynamic. Our teams are typically first division teams and compete in higher lever tournaments. We are a family first club that offers a lot of extra services at a very competitive price point.

At Steel United Washington, we inspire our players to reach their potential, on and off the field. Our players possess sound technical skills while developing into tactically astute, independent decision makers that are dynamic and competent in all areas of the game. Join the Club!


To inspire youth to reach their potential, on and off the field, by developing them as athletes and people through the Steel Sports Coaching System


Through our Kids First approach we will establish the Steel standard in youth sports and coaching. We will forge the next generation of leaders, on and off the field, by instilling Steel Sports’ core values.




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AGES 4-16

This 10-week program is designed to teach fundamental ball skills and strategy in a fun and positive atmosphere. We introduce goalkeepers at this age group. Weekday practices consist of two training sessions for approximately one hour led by a parent-volunteer coach — a warm-up, 2-3 technical drills, and a small-sided scrimmage.  9U and 10U play one 50-minute 7v7 game on Saturdays (10 games). Offside is enforced, scores and standings are kept. No headers. All players play a minimum of 50% each game.

This 10-week program’s primary objective is to develop technical ability through ball skills and increased touches of the ball. The goal is to develop key skills such as juggling, settling and trapping the ball such that a player can control the ball and the game. Our players learn various technical skills so that they can be confident in taking on one or more defenders at a time, while both maintaining control of the ball and attacking the goal. Weekday practices consist of two training sessions for approximately one hour led by a parent-volunteer coach. 11U and 12U play one 60-minute 9v9 game on Saturdays (10 games). Offside is enforced, scores and standings are kept. Headers are not allowed at 11U. 12U players may head the ball. All players play a minimum of 50% each game.

This 10-week program moves to full sided (11v11). A greater focus on passing, movement without the ball, field positioning and finishing are added to the practice plan. Practice sessions designed for teaching specific positional play are part of the training sessions. There is a stronger focus on moving in unison and communicating on the field. Weekday practices consist of two training sessions for approximately one hour led by a parent-volunteer coach. Offside is enforced, scores and standings are kept. All players play a minimum of 50% each game (10 games).


AGES 8-14

Steel United Washington offers competitive playing opportunities in the northern region, and we promise the same level of care, professionalism and commitment to all of our teams. Based around our “Kids First” philosophy, the club provides an environment that will challenge every player to reach their full potential, on and off the field, and an atmosphere that supports the growth and long-term development of every individual player.


Every Steel United coach is held to the highest standard and is committed to the development of all players within their teams. Our year-round Coach Development Program ensures that we stay focused, motivated and driven to be the best we can be.

Teams within the club are formed on a selective basis utilizing annual tryouts to identify players with the strongest potential to develop within a serious, competitive environment. Each team’s goal is to strive to compete at the highest level of play appropriate for the individuals within the team. The club has a very high standard of commitment, effort, and dedication from both players and parents, and we constantly ensure these standards are fully acceptable to all participants.


AGES 15-18

Steel United Washington fields high school showcase teams for players looking to advance their skills and to help prepare those interested in playing at the collegiate level. Our teams play quality, competitive tournaments around the region and place an emphasis on getting in front of college scouts.


Our Steel United College Development Program aims to educate our players and parents, not only on the soccer recruitment process but also the general college admissions process. Each family has unique needs and individual situations, and our modules are designed to be interactive to allow a personalized program to meet those needs and situations.

Program director Paul Payne is a 27-year veteran of college coaching with an extensive network of coaches, colleagues and administrators in the college athletic world. Paul’s program aims to educate all involved in making one of the most important decisions that a student-athlete and parent must make. We assist you in finding the right fit. Since 2010, we have supported the placement of over 500 players into college soccer programs, plus hundreds of alumni who decided not to play competitive soccer in college. During the process, we host seminars, webinars, videos and interactive sessions to provide a well-rounded education on recruitment and admissions.


AGES 4-8

Steel Futures is a soccer-oriented child development program. We aim to build self-esteem by creating a positive and fun environment where your child can succeed. Your child will develop physical, cognitive and emotional abilities that will help progress their soccer skills and understanding of the game through problem solving, teamwork and sportsmanship. Our enthusiastic and animated coaches focus on developing the “whole” child with their creative and fun games.

All of our sessions are designed to improve a player’s technique and confidence in the game. The Steel United professional coaching staff uses a nationally developed curriculum to improve the fundamental soccer and motor skills of your child. All of our sessions are designed to improve a players technique and confidence in the game within a positive and fun developmental environment.

  • Professional, qualified coaching staff
  • Structured practice and free play format, no scorekeeping
  • Premier turf facilities
  • Family and club environment (interaction with high school aged player volunteers)
  • Training emphasis on the fundamental building blocks (ball mastery, passing, receiving, dribbling and 1v1s)
  • Improve fundamentals of motor control using the ABCs of athleticism (Agility, Balance, and Coordination)
  • Building each player’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Stepping stone towards competitive club soccer with Steel United


AGES 19-23

Steel United’s Adult Teams are for current and or previous athletes, for players ages 17 and older, to continue their development in an elite and competitive environment. USSF and UEFA coaches will support players technically and tactically on the field while creating a community environment for all players who want to play, work hard, and strive for success with Steel United.

The Cascadia Premier League is an Elite Amateur league for Men and Women in the Pacific Northwest.

Any questions or to set up an evaluation please email Women’s Coach James Long at jlong@steelsports.com or Men’s Coach Chris Hanson at chanson@steelsports.com.



The Steel United National Program is a unique player experience for Steel United boys and girls from across the country to come together, train and play in an intensive atmosphere. The National Program provides our elite players opportunities beyond their local Steel United team and experience an even higher level of competition and play. Players are exposed to a professional level program and experience what it is like to participate in that type of atmosphere.

The National Program starts with the identification process where players are nominated by their local Head Coach and Director of Coaching. Our National Director Of Player and Coach Development then will visit each club in the Spring to view all the players in the age group at each club and to evaluate the nominees and potentially add any players to the list. In consultation with the Directors of Coaching, the National Director of Player and Coach Development selects 24 players in each age group and gender to attend the National Program Camp, which is held at the beginning of August. Beyond the camp, the 24 players can be selected for additional tournaments and tours both domestically and internationally.

At the camp players will experience the following:

  • Technical Training
  • Tactical Training
  • GPS/Heart Rate Training
  • Yoga
  • Swimming (if available)
  • Cardio/Weight Training
  • Video Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Player Progress Report
  • Intra Squad Scrimmages
  • Position Specific Training



Goalkeeping is a very specialized and unique position in soccer, and it requires a very different set of skills and understanding of the game. Our Goalkeeping Academy is set up for our Steel United goalkeepers to learn and develop their knowledge and skills. We will work to find players suited to play the position and then develop them into outstanding goalkeepers.

We are very particular on technique and will require keepers to have proper technique at all times. This will allow them to make every easy save easily, every hard save look easy and then have the ability to make the great saves. We will work hard, but also make sure the keepers have fun.

As part of the program, there are game evaluations of the keepers. We determine goals for the keeper and help them reach these goals, whether this is a particular technique or to play college soccer.



Steel United hosts tournaments in Washington and goes above and beyond to provide an experience that benefits coaches, players and their supporters. Every tournament is planned in detail to ensure the Steel Soccer Tournament Experience is positive and memorable. We prioritize a balanced sporting experience, with an atmosphere that encourages competition but also displays our core values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity and Commitment. We are currently working on our Fall 2020 and 2021 tournament schedules which will be released soon.


Franklin Pierce Stadium at Franklin Pierce High School features a full turf, lighted field that Steel United Washington uses extensively throughout the entire year.

The Sprinker Recreation Center in Tacoma boasts a natural grass all-purpose field along with a playground, picnic areas and walking trails for the whole family.

US Club Soccer offers players first, league- and cup-based competition, player ID and development programs along with club support and coach education.

The Washington Premier League promotes competitive soccer in Washington and the Northeast with over 2,000 teams participating in leagues and events annually.




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